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Architectural Flashing is the process in which thin pieces of material are installed to prevent water passage into a structure. Flashing is also known as weatherproofing and is used on chimneys, walls, door openings, and vent pipes to prevent mold and water damage. The main purpose of this is to protect the inside of your home from water and other severe weather. Water and severe weather can have destructive tendencies. Flashing can prevent water penetrations that can occur through gravity, surface tension and wind pressure. We can help you find the best flashing solution in which we design and develop the proper fix for your project.


Flashing will make buildings and structures more durable due to the prevention of mold and water damage. It can protect your home from severe weather and can extend the lifetime of your home and roof. It is an underrated process but one of the most important in the development of the building enclosure. The installation of flashing can either be exposed or concealed and Yankee Sheet Metal will figure out the best possible strategy for your project.


There are many different strategies in finding the most effective way to prevent water passage. The variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and galvanized steel can all be effective. Yankee Sheet Metal will use nothing but the proper material based on your needs and budget to get the job done. These durable metals are weather-resistant, require little maintenance, can accommodate movement and are even compatible with adjacent materials.


At Yankee Sheet Metal we will do our best job to design flashing to your home in a manner that is presentable, sleek, neat and polished. We will tailor certain types of flashing and materials to fit your home’s unique features all for an affordable price.

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