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Yankee Sheet Metal specializes in creating custom electrical junction boxes that can provide protection and access to wiring systems and electrical connections. As the National Electric Code requires wiring to be protected and enclosed when devices such as receptacles, fixtures and switches are being installed, we can design and create the custom electrical box you need to fit the size, application and location of your demand.

Why Are Electrical Junction Boxes Important?

Electrical junction boxes are an integral component of any electrical system as they make it easier to locate and repair any electrical problems that come up. They allow circuits to be safely split and branched into different directions. This removes the need to run a wire from every outlet or switch back to the main service panel.

One of the biggest benefits of electrical junction boxes are their protection of the wiring from accidental damage from sparks, heat, short circuits and/or loose connections. Electrical junction boxes conceal the wires, keeping them free of dirt, dust, and dampness while leaving the build looking neat and tidy. By customizing the junction box to be the perfect size, the inside components will remain supported and protected, providing life expectancy of the wiring.

How Can Yankee Sheet Metal Help?

We can custom design and create these boxes for outlets, wall switches, hanging ceiling fixtures, new construction work and/or retrofit work. Yankee Sheet Metal has extensive experience in creating these enclosures for some of the largest electrical contractors in Connecticut. We can design electrical junction boxes using galvanized, aluminum, and stainless steel to ensure your electrical wires are safe. Based on your needs, we can create junction boxes in any size to prevent accidental damage to wires.

Besides electrical junction boxes, Yankee Sheet Metal can also custom design and create other electrical boxes based on your needs. Handy boxes, outdoor boxes and others can protect electrical switches, outlets, smoke alarms, fans and more. They will be fit for drywall or outside environments depending on your needs. Give us a call at (860) 528-9431 to get started on your custom design today.

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